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Unique gift card solutions for your business.
  • Unique white label solution;
  • Individual gift cards in your favorite design;
  • Comfortable lead generation and tracking.

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How can CGift help your business?
CGift - Your gift card
Gift cards as a digital business model
White-label-solution. Exciting application
  • Customer loyalty at the hightest level.
  • Own token/cryptocurrency/wallet.
  • Intelligent data acquisition/market research.
  • Unique incentive model.
  • Direct distribution of own products.
Market analysis and buying behaviour. Receive feedback.
  • Create a customer survey, which can be fully customized and branded according to your individual wishes and needs.
  • Integrate the survey profile before receiving the individual gift.
  • Collect valuable market and customer information as a part of the process.
Your advantages. Use of a smart gift card.
  • Profit from a playful form of customer fata collection.
  • Set up your on wallet to increase customer loyalty and branding.
  • Finally know your customer
The Engagement Card with Data Capture and Loyalty Program
RealGift Whitelabel
CGift provides its know-how and its technology for interested companies. RealGift is a proper customer loyalty and marketing tool for physical gifts, products, and promotional items. There are no limitations to what one can provide to the customers. Starting from classical physical marketing articles to attractive products companies sell in their own shop.
Customer Loyalty
Imagine receiving awesome gifts from a company a customer has been in contact with. Via an innovative and beautiful custom app of their brand, everyone can redeem their gift cards and receive amazing real physical products, either via pick-up at a specified location, or even being shipped straight to the door.
Innovative Marketing Tool
Generating leads was never as easy. Each client who redeems their card is instantly registered as a lead and already aware of your brand due to your physical gift. You can follow-up at any point via your custom app for example. Those are proper warm leads.
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