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By integrating big data analytics, in your customized crm tool, we enable your company to take the next step into the digital age. We provide you with an efficient and cost-effective way for customer loyalty and acquisition.


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Big Data

Big Data

Based on our unique technology and our cloud-based computing services, we provide you with a real-time analysis of your customers and their wishes.

Here you design individually which data you want to analyze from your customers. As an option, we evaluate this data for you and provide you with detailed information on the trends and wishes of your customers.

In order to offer your customers the best possible support and service, the right crm software is essential.

CGift is able to bridge the gap between marketing and sales through the CGift app, as target group specific interactions can be made. Furthermore, promotion marketing can be carried out in order to be able to offer products accurately and digitally to the customer.

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CRM Tool
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Variabilität und Individualität

Through our white label approach, we are able to transfer your corporate design to all cgift products to ensure a strong branding.

When designing the transaction options, you have a variety of options to choose from, ranging from individually designed Coin to crypto currency. So, you can respond to the different needs of your target groups.