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CGift offers fully customizable white-label gift card and custom cryptocurrency gift cards. Our solution bridges the gap between the simple, easy-to-understand comfort of a traditional gift card and the fast-growing world of crypto-currencies.

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CGift connects mobile apps and gift cards in a way that the market has never seen before in a fun, simple and convenient end-user white label solution.

With our mobile app, recipients of CGift gift cards can redeem their code within seconds for every conceivable reward. White Label Partners can independently set any requirements for the data collection, design elements and rewards of the App. CGift takes care of the rest from the design to the delivery to the refunds.

At CGift, we value security and transparency. We can both work with our servers and integrate our platform with your existing website.

We can ensure a more secure integration between the CGift wallet and your existing iOS or Android wallet. When it comes to end customer data, we ensure all safety standards. All private credentials are stored on the phone and secured by the PIN. Wallets can be secured with a set of passwords. Because our servers do not store the data separately, end customers are not at risk of data leakage or the like, as in traditional bank accounts and credit cards exposed to digital attacks.

We value security