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Buying CGift Cards
Tarjetas de regalo físicas
Why should I buy cryptocurrencies with gift cards? Isn't that complicated?
In the fist place you are buying gift cards which can be redeemed to cryptocurrencies of your choice. The whole process makes it easier for you to enter the crypto market and gives you a lot of flexibility.
en que países ofrecen sus servicios?
CGift is a technology company and works with partners / entities who use our technology. CGift does not sell the cards and does not operate any cryptocurrency exchange operations. Thus it depends on the partner and its legal set-up whether you will be able to by a gift card.
Que métodos de pago ofrecen?
To make buying digital currencies as easy as possible for you, our partners & entities we work with usually offer multiple payment options.
Como funciona la compra de criptomonedas en CGift?

    First, buy a CGift gift card with one of our partners.

  • Selecciona el monto, ingresa tus detalles y elije el medio de pago en el formulario superior;
  • Follow the steps to complete payment. For bank transfer methods (SEPA and international), initiate a transfer yourself at your bank, e.g., via online banking. The partner will provide you all necessary details (IBAN/account number, BIC/bank code/sort code and reference) once you complete the order. For the other methods, just follow the payment provider's instructions;
  • To prevent fraud the partner will usually need to verify your identity. You will receive an email after successful payment;
  • Luego de la verificación, ustede recibirá el PIN de su tarjeta de regalo via Email, y listo!

    Then, to obtain your cryptocurrencies, go to redeem and enter your details, wallet address, and gift card PIN. You will receive your cryptocurrencies in your wallet within 1 hour after redeeming! Please be aware that the partners will usually perform a compliance check of redemptions. As such, the process may take longer than the predicted time.

Cuanto dura el proceso de pago?
For SEPA payments, it should take 1-2 business days for the money to reach the bank account of one of our partners. International transfers may take longer depending on the location. For Online Bank Transfer (OBT) payments, the partner will need to wait until he receives the money in his account, as some banks do not process payments to bitcoin companies. Typically, this should take 1-2 business days.
Porque necesito verificar mi identidad?
All our partners are committed to creating a safe environment for their customers. Fraud checks and identity verification procedures are carried out by the partner on each order to minimise negative impact from fraud, money laundering or identity theft for their customers.
Como funciona comprar un código de tarjeta de regalo digital?
Purchasing digital gift card codes is very simple: You select your desired amount and select your preferred payment method. After the partner receives your payment, the system will send you a number and a pin to your provided email address. Whenever you are ready to redeem, you can enter the details at the redeem section on the partner´s website or redeem the gift card in our decentralized CGift app. Following these steps you will receive your desired amount in cryptos!
Cual es la ventaja de las tarjetas de regalo digitales?
Digital gift cards are a lot faster, as you will receive the details instantly to your email after the partner have received your payment, and you do not need to wait for the gift cards to reach you by postal mail. Also, digital cards are cheaper than physical gift cards - please refer to the Pricing section of our website or the website our partners for details. Digital cards provide you ultimate flexibility when to redeem to get the best exchange rate!
No he recibido un Email para realizar el canje - Que debo hacer?
Have you received the email with the payment confirmation and invoice? If you have not received the email, please contact the partner directly. CGift does not offer any support as we are only providing technology solutions.
Mi Gift Card no funciona. Que debo hacer?
Have you activated the gift card? If you cannot find the activation email with your card details, or if you have already activated the gift cards and still have trouble redeeming, please contact our partner directly providing them with your invoice number and they will review and handle the issue.
No puedo encontrar el Email para activar mi Gift Card. Pueden brindarme asistencia?
Please send your invoice number to out partner directly. They will handle it and might need to send you another email with the activation details
Que tasa de cambio emplean, y como es calculada?
As the reference rates, our solution uses the exchange rate as provided by our partner crypto exchanges. For the redemption rate, the partner my add a mark up to the reference rate to cover cost and risk. The redemption rate is displayed when you redeem your gift card and will be fixed at the time of redemption. For example, if you keep your gift card for 1 year until you redeem, you will receive the redemption rate at that day and time.
¿Debo conservar la tarjeta de regalo y esperar una mejor tasa de cambio o canjearla rápidamente?
We generally would advise to redeem your gift cards quickly. If you are buying for yourself, redeeming quickly means you will hold the actual bitcoins and will lock in the exchange rate. If you use CGift gift cards as a gift, we suggest to recommend to the recipient to redeem the gift card quickly, as they should become active users and participants in the crypto ecosystem. Also, gift cards may expire after few years (subject to the terms & conditions of the partner), which you can avoid by redeeming fast.
Por Cuanto tiempo son validas las tarjetas de regalo CGift?
CGift gift cards are valid for few years from the day of purchase. The exact details are subject to the terms & conditions of each partner
Que tipo de material emplean en las tarjetas de regalo CGift?
Las tarjetas de regalo son tarjetas plásticas típicas, similares en tamaño y forma a las tarjetas de crédito
Cuanto tiempo tarda el envío a mi País?
Depending of the location of the partner / entity you have bought the card from, it should take max. 2-7 days in Europe for you to receive your items after payment. Shipping to other countries may take longer.
¿Qué sucede si el paquete con las tarjetas de regalo de CGift se pierde o es robado? ¿Perderé mi dinero?
Your money is safe – the partner usually ship all gift cards in an inactive state to prevent any damage from gift cards getting lost or stolen. Once you receive the gift cards in the mail, you will need to activate them by clicking on a button in the shipping confirmation e-mail. If gift cards get lost, the card can be set to an invalid state. The partner may issue new ones. Please contact the partner directly if you have any trouble receiving or activating your vouchers – he will make sure everything works out!
El paquete nunca ha llegado! Que ocurre ahora?
Don't worry, the money is safe – the partner ships all gift cards in an inactive state. Please contact the partner with your invoice number and he will review your order.
¿Puedo devolver una tarjeta de regalo u obtener un reembolso?
Unfortunately, similar to other gift cards, the partner can neither offer returns nor refunds for cash. Why would you want cash anyways when you can have cryptocurrencies?
¿Puedo comprar tarjetas de regalo CGift en tiendas minoristas?
Maybe some of our partners will soon offer CGift gift card in stores. Please contact us at or the entities we provide our technology to directly if you are interested to sell CGift gift cards in retail locations!
What is CGift?
Gift AG is a global company with offices in Hamburg, Germany, and Palo Alto, California, that offers simple, convenient and accessible technology solutions for consumers to purchase and utilize cryptocurrencies. CGift is focused on creating and easy-to-use digital and physical gift cards, as well as ATMs. CGift delivers much-needed convenience, simplicity, and familiarity for consumers looking to engage with the nascent cryptocurrency marketplace.
As a data-driven blockchain technology CGift is focussed on making digital currencies accessible to mainstream consumers globally. The company has developed the technology for a simple digital and physical gift card solution that enables consumers to purchase and share cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, instantly. Through partnerships in Europe, Asia and South America, CGift is providing its technology and making the purchase and sharing of digital currencies accessible across a range of formats and distribution channels.
CGift offers a consistent brand and simple consumer experiences across all consumer touch points. The company has developed and acquired assets and works with partners that operate online via digital gift cards, in retail stores and “in real life” via physical gift cards available at live events and other consumer engagement opportunities. High-traffic pedestrian zones are served via state-of-the-art compact ATMs.
Quiero vender tarjetas de regalo CGift en una reunión o en mi tienda. ¿Cómo puedo hacer eso?
Our partners are constantly looking for individuals and entities who will sell the CGift cards. Please contact us at or one of our partners directly to discuss further details.
¿Dónde puedo encontrar más información sobre CGift y las criptomonedas en general?
You can find more information about CGift at our webpage. A good place to start to learn more about Bitcoin is When you want to learn more about other cryptocurrencies you can check out for instance


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