CGift -
Your Lemon Cash gift card.
Create your virtual wallet in seconds
Unlike banks, opening an account with us only takes a few seconds, and best of all, you can use it directly from your phone.
Manage your money easily
Whether you are paying the rent or dividing the bill, set up your payments, debits and recurring transfers. Tracking your movement with personalized notifications.
Buy Bitcoin
An easy and fast method to give you access to the most important cryptocurrencies. Buy and sell instantly and at the best price.
Access financial services
Going through a registration process with a financial service provider can take a long time and be complex, so we have simplified the process to give you an instant exposure to third-party assets and services at the touch of a button.
Loyalty of businesses and users
Create discounts and benefit plans. Define rewards based on points awarded according to the consumption made by each customer in stores or points of surrender.

Buy Lemon Cash online

Choose your CGift to instantly redeem 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200€ worth of Lemon Cash. Exchange them instantly in just a few licks. 
No stress, no hassle.
Choose amount
CGift digital card
Your Lemon Cash purchase is powered by CGift. You can redeem your CGift in Lemon Cash once you purchase the CGift gift card.
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