The service provided by CGift is based on a simple fee structure consisting of a service fee upon purchasing a gift card and an exchange rate fee upon redemption. If you decide to liquidate your cryptocurrencies, a payout fee applies. The fee structure is as follows:
TypeCGift Card
Service Fee (in €)€1.99
Service Fee (in %)2%
Exchange Rate Fee (in %)4%
Payout Fee (in %)3%
The fees contain 0% VAT.


The gift card will be delivered digitally via e-mail.
Digital gift card
We will send a redemption link to your provided email address immediately after we have received your payment. Delivery should take less than 24 hours.

Reference rates and redemption rates

The exchange rates are calculated based on the last weighted average price as provided by our partner exchanges. When redeeming CGift gift cards, the corresponding exchange rate from the table above is added to the reference rate at the time of redemption. This covers all costs and risk, e.g. cost of operations, exchange rate risk and mining fees.
CryptocurrencyExchange Rate
Important note: Data may be delayed and does not represent live data. Please note that the data shown does not represent the exchange rate at the time of your redemption.
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