Real Gift- the Engagement Card with Data Capture and Loyalty Program

What is Real Gift?

Through a convenient mobile app, recipients of RealGift cards are able to redeem their cards for any gift that they select from the provided offers. The recipient receives a gift card, scans it via the mobile app and redeems the card within seconds. RealGift customers are able to specify product pick-up or delivery preferences, if desired. Upon successfully redeeming their card, they can either pick-up their gift at a specified address, or ship it directly to their address.
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RealGift combines the basic workflow of redeeming a gift card, with physical gifts. Unlike with common gift cards, the customer will receive a real physical product instead of just store credit or cash balance.`
Any Kind of Product
Depending on the set of products, one can choose between any imaginable product. From physical marketing items, such as cups, hats or pens, to even bigger products or special awards, such as meet & greet your star. There are no limitations.
Pick-up or Delivery
RealGift cards can be collected at specified stores and locations or even be shipped directly to your house or office within just a few days. Returns and customer service is included, in case something goes wrong.
RealGift Whitelabel
CGift provides its know-how and its technology for interested companies. RealGift is a proper customer loyalty and marketing tool for physical gifts, products, and promotional items. There are no limitations to what one can provide to the customers. Starting from classical physical marketing articles to attractive products companies sell in their own shop.
Customer Loyalty
Imagine receiving awesome gifts from a company a customer has been in contact with. Via an innovative and beautiful custom app of their brand, everyone can redeem their gift cards and receive amazing real physical products, either via pick-up at a specified location, or even being shipped straight to the door.
Innovative Marketing Tool
Generating leads was never as easy. Each client who redeems their card is instantly registered as a lead and already aware of your brand due to your physical gift. You can follow-up at any point via your custom app for example. Those are proper warm leads.
Your Customized App
Our proper Whitelabel solution will be re-written, customized and designed to fit your brand. Have your own physical gift mobile app, containing a wallet, communication channels, maybe a news center and even push notifications to keep your leads updated? There are no boundaries, just let us know what you need and we will assist you.
All-in-one Solution
Using the RealGift Whitelabel solution, clients do not need to worry about anything. The entire technological setup will be provided, re-written and customized to fit the needs and expectations. The entire design will be modified to mirror the individual branding guidelines. RealGift will also take care of the settings, on-the-go changes and other specifications. Customers will enter a beautifully, completely customized mobile app and can easily redeem their gifts without any difficulties.
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